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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps from Spiritual Quest are hand-carved in Pakistan from the natural pink salt of the Himalayan Mountains. These authentic Pink Salt Lamps can be used to improve home wellness, ambiance, and overall feeling of wellbeing. Not only is the salt lamp eye-catching, it creates a peaceful and relaxing glow to enhance the ambiance of your environment.

Hand-carved Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps promote cleaner refreshing air, as the Negative Ions from the Himalayan salt naturally freshen the air you breathe.

It lowers the amount of pollution from dust, dander, and smoke. It’s also known to kill bad vibes and increase feelings of happiness and comfort.

Each genuine pink salt lamp is a testament to the beauty and mystery of the Himalayan Mountains. Untouched for 250 million years these Himalayan Salt lamps possess an organic way to purify and stimulate the air in your home or office. For centuries, indigenous groups in the Himalayan Mountains have harnessed the mystical power of salt and Negative Ions to restore energy, further relaxation, and prevent disease.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: 

  • Improve energy levels, performance, and sleep.
  • Reduce Asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Boost mood through color therapy and ionization
  • Reduces stress levels and helps counteract EM radiation
  • Salt Lamp Details:
  • 100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Hand-carved and mined in Pakistan
  • High-quality genuine salt lamp
  • Polished wood base
  • Dimmer power cord and 15w bulb included
  • Approximate lamp height: Medium 8" & Large 10"
  • Weight, size, color, and shape may vary due to Natural Himalayan Salt
  • Designed in USA

 Added June 5, 2020

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Diane L.

I like this lamp a lot more than I even thought I was going to. I've seen them at stores in the mall etc but they were way more expensive than this was although identical in every way. The colors are vibrant and easy on the eyes and accentuate the natural characteristics of the salt. It takes no power at all so I just leave it plugged in Non-Stop. I couldn't be happier and I'll probably get some for family members as presents before they're all gone.

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