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Purify your air naturally, boost your mood and sleep better with the Himalayan Salt Lamp Essential Oil Diffuser by Himalayan CrystalLitez. This unique diffuser combines the benefits of a traditional essential oil diffuser and the powers of a genuine Himalayan salt lamp in one awesome product. This diffuser is organic, aromatic, and beneficial! Use this salt lamp in three ways: Air Ionizer, Air Purifier, and Essential Oil Diffuser.

Our Himalayan CrystalLitez diffusers are 100% authentic Himalayan salt and are hand mined genuine salt crystals from the Himalaya Mountains. Each lamp has salt rocks that are roughly 250 million years old. They were deposited long before the earth became polluted with heavy metals, pesticides, and PCB’s.

Genuine Himalayan Salt provides many great wellness benefits and makes a great companion to your essential oils. Salt rocks are a natural air purifier, they reduce the allergens levels in the air and help combat airborne odors. Salt lamps also emit healthful negative ions and decrease electromagnetic chaos making these perfect to keep in your office or TV room.

Crystal salt rocks are a natural essential oil diffuser as well. If you are bored with the typical look of most essential oil diffusers, this is the perfect option for you. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this salt lamp by applying just a few drops of your favorite essential oil on top of the salt rocks. Another great reason to have this as your office diffuser, no need for water, you can avoid water droplets around your computer and other electronics.

The amazing amber glow of this Himalayan salt lamp is therapeutic and safe. The natural glow will infuse a natural calm into your environment while promoting a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Salt lamps are a perfect, non-toxic way to replace your candles around the house. No matches are needed and no need to worry about the candle flame, just plug in your salt lamp and enjoy the benefits, safely for as long as you wish. Makes a peaceful night light too!

Each certified, all-natural diffuser lamp is easy to maintain and anti-microbial. The lamps are ultrasafe, and never get hot. It can be left on 24/7 to enjoy all the benefits nonstop and will last years and years to come.

Lamp Details:

  • 100% Handcrafted by Artisans
  • Quality square glass bowl
  • Natural air purifier & essential oil diffuser
  • Emits negative ions
  • Promotes restful sleep and makes a wonderful nightlight
  • Genuine hand-mined Himalayan salt rocks
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • All parts are replaceable
  • 6ft UL listed cord with dimmer
  • Great gift idea
  • Designed in Southern California


Added May 15, 2020

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Joseph A.

Loving the look and the way it diffuses!! Thank You!!

Essential Diffusion Himalayan Salt Lamp Essential Oil  Diffuser Review
Dee Ann S.

I love this salt diffuser. It's perfect for my office. It fights the negativity and kills the bad vibes

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