Spiritual Quest

Pillar Himalayan Salt Lamp

$60 $69

Feng Shui Pillar Salt Lamps from Spiritual Quest are hand-carved in Pakistan from the natural pink salt of the Himalayan Mountains. This solid Pillar Pink Salt Lamp can be used anywhere in your home or office. Not only is the salt lamp eye-catching, it creates a peaceful and relaxing glow to enhance the ambiance of your environment.

Hand-carved Feng Shui Pillar Salt Lamps is a reminder of what a person can do when one sets their mind to anything. You can harness the power of the pillar and use that ancient energy and wisdom in your daily meditation routine. You can have cleaner refreshing air, as the Negative Ions from the Himalayan salt naturally freshen the air you breathe. It lowers the amount of pollution from dust, dander, and smoke. It’s also known to kill bad vibes and increase feelings of happiness and comfort.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits:

  • Improve energy levels, performance, and sleep.
  • Reduce Asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Boost mood through color therapy and ionization
  • Reduces stress levels and helps counteract EM radiation

Salt Lamp Details:

  • 100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Hand-carved and mined in Pakistan
  • High-quality natural salt pillar
  • Polished wood base
  • Dimmer power cord and light bulb included
  • Approximate lamp dimensions: 8” x 5”
  • Approximate weight: 6lbs
  • Weight, size, color, and shape may vary due to Natural Himalayan Salt
  • Designed in USA

Added June 5, 2020

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