10 Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

Essential diffusion has compiled a handy top ten list to shed some light on the many uses of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. Not only are aroma diffusers a decorative addition to any living space, but diffusers can also be beautiful pieces of art. Form and function come together to stimulate your senses and provide a host of additional benefits. Why don't we explore some of these many benefits together?

1. Safer light source than candles, and smell better to boot

Candles can be quite a hassle between the mess they make and the danger of having to literally light a fire in your home. Candles are made from some type of wax and a flammable wick that can only be used to a certain extent. That's a big contrast to an essential oil diffuser that can be used indefinitely. In addition, the scent of a candle is not only inferior to essential oil diffuser, but different scents can be easily interchanged in a diffuser. Candles also emit one singular color of light. Many diffusers have a rainbow of colors to choose from as well as the ability to control the brightness.

2. Relaxation and stress relief

Studies have shown time and time again that many scents including lavender have not only aided in the level of relaxation but also the time it takes to become relaxed. While a sprig of fresh lavender smells good under one's nose only an electric essential oil diffuser can deliver the correct level of saturation into the air. And without unwanted additives.

3. Sleep aid

Once all that relaxation sets in sleep are sure to follow. Sweet marjoram or perhaps a Patchouli scent is sure to ease the tension of the day as you drift off. The key however is to stay in restful sleep. Many oil diffusers have personalized controls that can not only tailor the time in which it vaporizes but the soft light as well.

4. Antibacterial and mold killing properties

Just the thought of mold, mildew, and the like can be enough to make you queasy. Tea tree oil for example has long been known to get rid of athlete's feet. Imagine the power that an essential oil diffuser can disperse throughout your home. A fine mist of thyme can demolish those pesky bacteria and get your countertop ready to use.

5. Decongesting and mucosal control

Did we say thyme? One of the best oils to purify the air, thyme when used with a diffuser can make life impossible for airborne threats such as mold and bacteria. cypress, peppermint in part, or whole makes the yeast method of travel inhospitable.

6. Mosquito repellant

Guess what? Citronella and lemon grass when dispersed into the air by an essential oil diffuser will not only keep disease-spreading insects away, but the smell is an absolute delight! Unlike citronella scented candles, ultrasonic diffusion is clean, free of harmful chemicals and residues.

7. Eliminates odor

Whether it's dogs, cats or teenagers, something doesn't smell quite right and a diffuser can remedy that situation with the push of a button. Delightful scents from around the world are right there at your fingertips, but did you know some can neutralize unpleasant odor? Try diffusing air cleaning aromatics such as spearmint, ginger, and eucalyptus. Odor doesn't stand a chance and you and your family can breathe easy.

8. Saves money

Essential oil diffusers are not only a major lift to your well being but they are able to be refilled time and time again. A scented candle by comparison will literally go up in smoke. Using a trivial amount of power, most diffusers can be powered via USB in your car or even your laptop computer.

9. Cognitive function

 Science has proven your memory is closely tied to your sense of smell. The type of power a random scent can have is amazing let alone a purposefully selected essential oil. Ultrasonic diffusers have the ability to tailor many different aromatic properties to your specific needs. Lemon Balm and Lavender for example have been shown to be effective in the support of patients experiencing symptoms of dementia.

To read more about my studies on Aromatherapy for the treatment of cognitive function (especially in dementia) click here.

10.  They simply smell terrific

Last but not least an essential oil diffuser makes your entire room smell incredible! Rosehips, juniper berry, or even nutmeg essential oils can set the entire mood for any occasion. Sweet, spicy, you name it there's something for everyone.

The most incredible mixtures of aroma can be formulated from tried and true recipes online or create your own personal blend.


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